Cory Chase and Bailey Brooke in Mom Got Naughty Needs

Bailey Brooke brought home her boyfriend after school to just unwind and enjoy the afternoon. They got horny while watching a movie and started fooling around. Bailey Brooke’s Stepmom Cory Chase walked in on them and they had to quickly cover up and act normal. They almost got away with it a couple of times but Cory Chase finally caught them! Before she said anything Cory Chase chose to not make herself known and let them go at it for a while. Cory Chase couldn’t help but get turned on watching those young, supple bodies pleasure each other. Cory Chase finally interrupted them and acted very upset. This threw Bailey Brooke’s boyfriend, Peter Green for a loop and was so ashamed and embarrassed he had no idea what to do. Cory Chase let him off the hook but only if they both agreed to keep it a secret from Bailey Brooke’s dad and let her join in on the fun. Peter Green is one lucky bastard!

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