Nina Elle got a Sweet Ride of Another Form

While checking out a local car lot we were pleasantly surprised by this hot blonde with big tits and one hell of an ass. Nina Elle, the car dealer, was sexy as hell and strutted her stuff as she showed off the cars and gave us some teasing peaks up her dress. She acted like she wasn’t interested, but she knew what she was doing. We were able to get her back to the crib with the promise of a car sale and something to eat. Once we got Nina Elle alone her inner freak quickly came out and she hungrily filled her mouth with cock. As we tore her clothes away that huge sweet ass and big juicy tits were finally free to shine. We took turns pounding Nina Elle’s pussy proper while she kept a dick between her lips. Nina Elle really wanted to get this sale and worked it hard till both our cocks drained down her throat.

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