His Teacher Mercedes Carrera Gives it Up

Brad always takes longer than the other students on his tests. Mrs. Mercedes Carrera thinks he’s a little slow, but little does she know he’s the sharpest tool in the shed. He always seems to finish after she grabs her afternoon coffee. Thats for good reason! Soon she steps out he places his camcorder under her desk to grab some juicy coochie shots to sell to his classmates. He’s been making a fortune! That little shit even caught her rubbing her clit during school hours. He was so excited watching it right away that he didn’t realize Mrs. Mercedes Carrera was right behind him. Believe it or not, Mrs. Mercedes Carrera actually had a thing for Brad, and if he wanted to see her pussy all he had to do was ask! At that point brad knew what was good. He started rubbing her aged pussy all over the classroom. It escalated to fucking her huge scholarly tits and a ramming worthy of extra credit on her chair. After exploding with cum all over her face, he thought he had earned his camera back. But it look likes he will have to report to her classroom after school tomorrow to fulfill the retrieval . If you catch our drift ;).

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