Cherie Deville & Gia Paige in Heat of the Moment

Heat of the Moment

Gia Paige and her boyfriend Van Wylde are trying to beat the heat by working on their homework when Gia Paige’s stepmom Cherie Deville joins them with a bowl of ice cubes. Knowing she has Van Wylde’s attention, Cherie Deville rubs the ice all over her skin. Then she peels her dress off down to her bra and goes back to work with the ice on her huge enhanced tits. When she hikes her miniskirt and starts fanning her pussy over her panties, Cherie Deville also takes the time to convince Gia Paige and Van Wylde to take their clothes off. Gia Paige is reluctant at first, but Van Wylde is all for it!

Gia Paige isn’t happy about Van Wylde’s excitement when it comes to helping her stepmother, but eventually they manage to draw her in with their flirty attitude. When Cherie Deville convinces Van Wylde to peel off her bra and thong and bury his face in her lusty snatch, Gia Paige finally relents. Soon Cherie Deville has Van Wylde pounding away at her pussy from behind while she continues to seduce her stepdaughter with the ice cubes and her own seductive touches.

With Gia Paige finally full on board, Cherie Deville coaxes both her stepdaughter and Van Wylde into a raunchy threesome. They take turns enjoying Van Wylde’s attention as his big cock fills and fucks both of their creamy bald fuck holes. Between Van Wylde’s stiffie and the cold touch of the ice cubes, the two girls are soon squealing in pleasure. That just leaves Van Wylde, who finally gives in to their sensual demands and pulls out of Gia’s hot twat just in time to spray Cherie Deville with cum.